First, let me say, congratulations on your engagement!  You are now on your way to planning your perfect wedding day.  I LOVE working with each bride and groom to make the wedding cake as special and individual as they are.


I'll start with this since it happens to be the most frequently asked question.   There are SO many variables that will be a part of the final design of your cake that it is just not possible to give a definitive price list.  That being said, you can expect to pay between $4.00 - $6.50 per slice.  This does not include items such as sugar flowers or other hand-crafted details.

                                                                                     Consultation and Tasting

I highly recommend scheduling a face-to-face consultation and tasting.  This gives you an opportunity to sample a few flavors and discuss your design ideas with me.   I am very detail oriented and will ask many questions to ensure I am clear regarding your wishes for the cake.  I really like to see pictures of cake designs you love.  It helps me visualize what appeals to you.  We can also discuss more detailed pricing info at this time.

To request a consultation and tasting: use the contact page on this site and fill out the "Wedding Contact Form" .
Once I have that info, I will be able to ensure my availability and will contact you to schedule a day and time to meet.  I really prefer to find a time where both the bride and groom can attend.  I appreciate the desire to include those important people in your life in your consult however, I have found that the best consultations for our clients have, at most, 1 guest in addition to the bride and groom.
Sometimes the simplest comment from a loved one can derail the entire vision of the cake and cause brides and grooms to question their own judgement and I want this cake to be your dream cake. As such, I limit consultations/tastings to a maximum of 3 people with an additional fee for each guest beyond this.


After the consultation and tasting, should you decide you want to book 'Tis So Sweet for your cake, a non-refundable, non-transferable $75 retainer will be due to secure the date.  The retainer will apply to your final payment.  50% of your balance is be due no later than 4 weeks prior to your wedding with the final balance due one week prior.