This serving and pricing information is offered only as a basic guide.  Since every cake is a custom creation,
it is not possible to list all pricing details.   Please contact me for a quote for your custom cake..
Most specialty cakes begin in the area of $3.85 per slice for chocolate, vanilla or vanilla almond cake and very basic decor (butter cream finish with a few details).   Themed/specialty cakes typically begin around $4.25 per serving.  Fondant covered cakes will begin at $4.75 per serving.  With all cakes, the complexity of design and details will adjust the pricing accordingly.

There is a $85 minimum for  single tier and a $130 minimum for 2 + tiered custom cake orders. Orders are confirmed, dates secured only with the receipt of a non-refundable 50% retainer.

Other cake flavors, fillings, fondant covering and hand crafted/custom decor will increase pricing accordingly. 
T                Cake/Tier sizes

  6" round layered cake    serves  12
  6" square layered cake   serves  18
  7" round layered cake    serves 15
  8" round layered cake    serves  24
  8" square layered cake   serves  32
  9" round layered cake    serves  30
10" round layered cake    serves  38
10" square layered cake  serves  50
12" round layered cake   serves  56
12" square layered cake  serves  72

Larger sizes available.

The number of servings represents a 1"x2"x4.5" slice of cake.


  A minimum of 12 cupcakes per flavor is required for an order.
Listed prices do not include fillings or hand crafted decor/toppers.

  •     Chocolate, Vanilla or Vanilla Almond cupcake with buttercream icing - $25 per dozen

  •     Strawberry, Lemon or Orange with buttercream or cream cheese icing - $27 per dozen

  •     Spice cupcake with cream cheese icing - $30 per dozen

  •     Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing - $30 per dozen

  •     Carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese icing - $34 per dozen

  •     Champagne cupcakes with vanilla buttercream - $38 per dozen